Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are we in a new Summer of Love?

Welcome to my the new Summer of Love.
My name's Patrick Lichty, and I'm an artist in Chicago.
I spend a lot of time by myself, but I'm almost never alone.
I have 1300 friends on Facebook, hundreds on my iPhone, and more on my Myspace.
This guy says we're in the Summer of Love 2,0. I'm Simon and the world is Garfunkel.
Are we?
Is our age of collective individualism(TM) through social networks really a new "Summer of Love"?  Is it sharing the love, or needing more friends for personal branding?

I want to talk about love and collective togetherness, and about some real conections with people.

What is love since 1967?  Has it just become being on someone's friend list?
From July 7-12 (I imagine longer, I will not allow myself to not be available to you.  If you see me online, I'll be there unless I'm sleeping.  

I surrender myself to ALL the nets and my network of love starting July 7th.
Every day, I ask a different aspect of "What is Love?"  Can we share love today or is it all screens? Can you love me? 
Can I love you? 
Can we show love for the world?
Can we love our enemies?
Is Love free anymore? 
Is there love in the telematic embrace? 
Can we collectively care for one another?

Why, or why not?

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