Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm overwhelmed...

Last night was the first night.
Sort of felt like the first time.
I had the word "LOVE" up on the screens all over the place.
within 15 minues, there were almost a hundred people. It was really, really good.
So We (Second Front and I) did Ono and Lennon's "Peace Bed" and everyone seemed to love it.
About 20-30 people asked for hugs, 
earlier in the day a bunch of the raglan shire Second Life tiny avatars made sculptures about Love, and I printed out the winners.

I got home at 9, and I was so tired.  But I kept getting tweets all night.  
This morning, I'm blogging, and having breakfast in thePeace Bed with my friend "Orchid" from Buffalo.
We have a video about last night going up.
It's really a snug fit being in the telematic embrace, I think.

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